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Ultramarathoner Runs 346km for PPS’ Education Support Programme

Updated: Jan 2

"What do you think about when you first start preparing for an ultramarathon?"

This was a question we posed to Uncle Nghee Huat in July, during the period of the final leg of training in Singapore for his upcoming ultramarathon in Scotland. His response was unique - he said he would always ask God for help – for strength and sustenance so that he will be able to complete the run without encountering serious issues.

..he would always ask God for help – for strength and sustenance so that he will be able to complete the run without encountering serious issues.

His follow up comment was even more interesting to us average joes, most of whom have never even attempted to run a full marathon of 42.195km. He explained, “the training is more difficult than the actual competition. This is because you have to go on multiple runs to train and build up your running mileage.” For this 346km run, he has to train himself to be able to run for a continuous 70km-80km at one go, which would take more than 10 hours. Not to mention, Uncle Nghee Huat is 70 this year, though his fitness and perseverance has never been hindered by age!

As he goes on these long runs, what goes through his mind is the mental battle against fatigue, pain and the sleep deprivation. For ultramarathoners to complete their race under the qualifying time, it could mean running for more than 30 hours without stopping for sleep and rest in order to cover the entire distance.

Running for the Education Support Programme by Presbyterian Preschool Services

From 12 to 14 August, Uncle Nghee Huat will be attempting to complete the Good Start Run, which is his 19th ultramarathon that will cover a total distance of 346km within 100 hours. He has decided to dedicate this run organised by Race-Across-Scotland to the Education Support Programme, which will benefit the students in PPS. As a seasoned marathon runner, he does not join ultramarathons merely to beat his personal best. Instead, he dedicates most of his ultramarathons to a specific cause that he is passionate about, in order to raise awareness and raise funds for their work. In fact, he has run 15 times for various charity and non-profit organisations in the past 20 years. What a feat!

Having witnessed the unique needs faced by children with developmental needs and the additional resources required to equip dedicated teachers to care for them, he hopes to raise $500,000 by the time his run has concluded.

Uncle Nghee Huat training for the Good Start Run in Scotland. One more week! We invite you to follow Uncle Nghee Huat on his journey as he continues to prepare for the upcoming ultramarathon. He is currently in Scotland, preparing for the run and getting himself acclimatized to the cold weather!

Read more about the work we do through ESP here, and be encouraged by stories of our ESP students from the ground.

If you would like to donate to the Good Start Run, click here or on the button below:


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