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Enrichment Programmes

Here at Little Olive Tree, we have a variety of curated experiences and interests that your children can explore. 


At VIVO Kids, they aim to inject life, vigour, and realize your child's intra and interpersonal skills through their play based multi-sports programme. 

With the main focus being development of fundamental movement skills with group activities, their programme will allow your child to establish a solid groundwork for their physical development and character building through an array of sports with innovative fun games. 

Sportybots is Australia's leading multi-sport program for children from 18 months to 8 years old. 

It is a fun multi sport & gross motor skill program which focuses on fundamental motor skill development in a fun and non-competitive environment for your child! The programme aims to develop social skills and cultivate a healthy lifestyle in your child. Additionally, it builds confidence and independence through the various sports.

Sportybots Logo.png

Little Mind Builders Speech & Drama program offers fun, quality and experiential learning that inspires children's imagination and creativity while experiencing the excitement of theatre. 

Beary Fun gym is an established school that specialises and provides gymnastics programmes for preschoolers. It aims to develop an enthusiasm for physical activity and promote an all-rounded physical development in children.

bearyfun gym.png
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