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Our Curriculum

Truth, Beauty, Goodness:
a Firm Foundation 

Our TBG Curriculum Framework is an alternative to the traditional, meritocratic education goals – it focuses on developing a child’s diverse competencies rather than just the academic.

We want our children to see, understand and act based on biblical principles, values and perspectives in a world where truth is often distorted, beauty corrupted and goodness disregarded.

Our 5 Areas of Learning, 5 Education Models and 5 Learning Dispositions all work together to ensure that our children are cognitively challenged and become independent learners, all while growing in character.


Our Areas of Learning

Cognitive Development

Character Education 

Chinese Language

Community Projects 

Care & Support 

Our Educational Models

Universal Design For Learning

Making Thinking Visible

Making Environment Inspiring

Bible as a Teaching Tool

Families as Partners

Learning Dispositions - Our 5Gs


Grit 坚韧

Embodying the spirit of tenacity; recognising that failures are a part of life, embracing and rising from failures positively, and having the courage and resilience to overcome all of life’s challenges and difficulties


Grace 恩慈

Recognising that all of life is a good gift and that we are all recipients of grace from others, learning to extend this same grace to others which includes having the ability to forgive


Grease 勤勉

Being engaged and assiduous doers who are willing to get their hands dirty, demonstrating great willingness to try, explore and experiment


Gratitude 感激

Always being in a state of contentment and thankfulness, and ever-ready to show appreciation to others and reciprocate kindness


Growth 成长

Having a deep desire to learn and progress in the small and big things; always seeking to build each other up in love

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