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Love In Action In The Midst of COVID

Updated: Apr 25

If there is anything positive about COVID, it is that it can also bring out the good in people. When we hear that someone that we know has contracted it, more so if that someone is near and dear to us, it can be worrying and stressful. However, when it energizes us to pitch in and help, we put the “Love Your Neighbour” value into action.

The Omicron virus is no respecter of persons and there are staff and children from some of the PPS centres who have to stay home because of it. When this happens, the work in the centres may be disrupted even as we work to maintain the programs and services for the other children who continue to come in for their development and care.

How did we handle this situation? We reached out to our HQ staff to help out at the centres, after ensuring full compliance with safety measures. Their responses were immediate. Some supported the teachers carrying out the day’s activities, another took a break from his HR work to help with disinfection, packing and tidying up the resource materials. A power outage at another centre happened unexpectedly and the HQ staff on-site coordinated the recovery with the Town Council and electricians to rectify the issue. Another supported the senior teacher in the day’s activities for the 3 year-olds, from taking a nature walk to guiding their play, serving lunch and helping them prepare for their nap.

What did the volunteers learn from this?

“I prayed for how I can be of help and my day at the centre reminded me to always be humble in whatever I’m doing.”
“Had to take action when the unexpected happened, I helped to sort out a problem when there was a power outage at the centre.”
“Enjoyed getting to know the staff and interacting with the cute children.”
“When we stand side-by-side with fellow colleagues in ploughing the land, it changes the dynamics from supporting in the background to coming upfront to do what is sometimes back-breaking work together. This is a servanthood and brotherhood lesson in practice.”
“I had to answer 101 questions that started with “Why?” But the children seemed interested in every answer even when the questions were repeated.”
“I could literally see how the children learn and absorb the experiences around them, whether outdoors or in the classroom. Adults can learn from them too.”

Love in action

Assess the need, take action and we do not always need to count the cost.


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