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Ramona - a Principal who leads with purpose and clarity

Updated: Jan 24

Ramona, Principal, Bukit Batok

These toy rings belong to my son. It is part of a strategy game and it reminds me to be a thinking and strategising leader so that i can lead my teachers in the direction of actualising our educational mission of building a strong foundation in truth, beauty and goodness for each of our children.

As a leader, we need to know where we are going if not our team will only end up running in circles - it may seem like we are doing a lot of work but we are not actually making any progress or helping our children grow.

Working in such a dynamic environment also means that when challenges arise, we may need to adapt our strategies. It also requires us to constantly think on the spot. I really hope that through my leadership, my team trusts me as a leader who leads with clarity and purpose and is someone who solves problems together with them deep in the trenches.


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