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Our 5Gs – Positive Dispositions in Children

Updated: Jan 3

Presbyterian Preschool Services’ desire to build a strong foundation in truth, beauty and goodness for each child is expressed through the nurturing of the following positive dispositions in our children. Namely growth, grit, grease, grace and gratitude.

As we journey alongside your family to inspire every child to learn, grow and glow, we hope you will find ways to inculcate these values at home too! Read on to find out more about these dispositions and what are some practical examples your family can adopt!


Having a deep desire to learn and progress in the big and small things; always seeking to build each other up in love

Examples of what we can do with children at home:

  • Invite your child to share some things that they enjoy doing. Brainstorm and identify some new things that your child might like to try or learn. You can even come up with a plan together to engage in an activity with your child's friend to help them explore a new task, game or skill!

  • Giving your child praise that is specific will encourage your child to keep growing, even for simple tasks! For example, instead of merely saying, "good job", point out their effort. "I notice that you have put in a lot of effort to put on your shoes. It is okay if you do not get it, I will help you!" 

  • Praising children for their willingness to try (and keep trying!) instead of their abilities or "natural intelligence" sets them up to pursue growth instead of resigning to what they are struggling with. 





The process of journeying with a young one will prove to be challenging. Often times, we project our personal experiences in our own childhood on our own children. It takes intentionality, planning and unlearning in order to create opportunities for positive dispositions to be cultivated. However, with time, children will learn from the model we provide for them and this will set them apart for the rest of their lives.

If you’re interested to learn more about why these positive dispositions matter so much to us, read about the what, the why and the how behind our “truth, beauty and goodness” curriculum below.


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