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Any Day Is A Good Day For A New Beginning

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

As I sit at my desk, writing out the 1st draft to my next article, I am in disbelief. In disbelief that almost 12 months had gone by. In disbelief that December had finally arrived. In disbelief that even after surviving for almost 365 days, I am still alive, proclaiming God's wonderful works and will continue to do so even after the clock strikes midnight on Dec 31st.

By then, thrilling countdown parties would be attended, special New Year's foods would be eaten, and the sky would be lit up with a dazzling showcase of fireworks. After all, the date January 1st itself is such a significant day on the calendar. It represents the beginning of a new year. Isn't it a good time to celebrate?

However, with every new beginning, there are also inevitable endings. I know that I had to personally say some farewells, like to my favourite teacher as I graduated from Secondary School. But apart from the literal goodbyes that I had to hand out this year, I also decided to say goodbye to old habits, problems and difficulties. This also seems to be commonly found in many New Year’s resolutions; which is to put aside things of the old so as to usher in new beginnings.

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, why are we so caught up with making them? It seems that for many people, it symbolises motivation to embark on many new beginnings, as well as to hit the restart button on our lives. It gives people the chance to create change in our life, start on a brand-new path, try new things, and bid farewell to old habits and struggles. Again. I suppose that is why it is called a re-solution!

But honestly, did I really need to wait till the clock strikes midnight to make some sort of changes within my life? I believe that even though it seems right to start things afresh at the start of a new year, it shouldn’t just be the sole reason why I should be making changes in my life. Every day is a good day to start something new, especially to do something new for the Lord! It just all depends on you.

As Philippians 2:13 states “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”

It doesn't matter if it is in the middle of the year, or any time of the year; we can all choose when to start living a life that is not only fulfilling to ourselves, but fulfilling to the work of God.

For me, I will be making changes in my life as a way to glorify God. To improve myself so that I am deemed fit to work for the Kingdom Of God, and to live a life that pleases him.

This article was written by Mishael Lee, an intern at PPS.


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