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A chat with Joanne from LOT FMCFP, who is glad to be making a difference in children's lives

Updated: May 8

In this series of chats with our staff, we get up close and personal. They share about things like their favourite drinks, to their experiences and motivations at work. Hi, could you introduce yourself?

I am Joanne, (or better known as Mrs Lee), and I have been a preschool teacher for over 5 years, with 3 years in LOT Foochow Methodist Church Farrer Park (previously called Foochow Methodist Preschool). What drew you into the preschool sector? I really love to interact and spend time with children. Isn’t it great that I have the opportunities to meet cuties everyday?

What is your view of the child, and what contributed to shaping it?  I feel that children are gifts from God, and each of them are precious and special in their own ways. I would like to model after how Jesus welcomed the little ones with open arms in the Bible. What is the most important quality a preschool teacher must have and why?


In order to stay relevant and to impart accurate knowledge to the children, a teacher must never stop learning. The work becomes meaningful and enjoyable as we learn and make discoveries with the children. We will also be able to adapt to changes and continue to develop ourselves professionally. What is your favourite memory from the classroom? It was when a child who is usually not able to answer questions during discussion, impressed the whole class and his teacher by giving the right answer confidently, and  the class clapped and cheered in unison. What are some moments of heartaches or encouragement you recall in your preschool journey? Difficult classroom behaviours are challenging to deal with, however I am able to overcome them due to peer support and learning from my colleagues’ advice and experiences. Once, I had a challenging class where there were several strong-willed children. It was tough at times to manage each of them as well as getting everyone on track. My colleagues and principal shared their insights and practical strategies during our discussion. We also established consistency in handling disruptive behaviour by communicating expectations and rules clearly in a positive and straightforward manner.

Another time, I was very encouraged when I saw how an initially reserved child blossomed and grew. She would tell me all kinds of stories during free play and even started to share jokes with her peers and teachers. She also began to participate more actively in discussions and activities and started playing with different friends. It made my day when I realised I had made a difference in a child’s life.

What are your hopes for the next generation of children?   I wish for them to thoroughly enjoy themselves and be excited for school. I also hope that the children will be equipped with various life skills to deal with the demands and challenges of life effectively. What are your hopes for Little Olive Tree FMC Farrer Park moving forward? I hope that our preschool will shine and continue to be a blessing to the community.  What is one object that encapsulates your leadership beliefs and motivations & why? A cape. Good leaders that I look up to are superheroes in disguise. They are just like anyone of us and will exercise their power at the right time. They will protect their subjects and make the right decisions to save the day.  



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