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$45,000 raised through Good Start Run Fundraising Dinner

Updated: Jan 2

Stephen Lim Nghee Huat (or more affectionately known as Uncle Nghee Huat or Uncle Yifa among the children in Presbyterian Preschools) is an ultramarathoner who has been running unfathomable distances to raise funds for various causes since 2005. He ran his first ultramarathon, which covered a distance of 160km (almost 4 times longer than a regular marathon), when he was 51.

This year, Uncle Nghee Huat turned 70. Yet, the distance he will be covering for his next ultramarathon is more than double of his first. Come 12th August 2023, he will be running his 19th ultramarathon of 346km in Race-Across-Scotland.

Fundraising Dinner on 14th July 2023

A month before his race, Uncle Nghee Huat gathered his long-time supporters and his friends who have journeyed with him over the years as he conquered distances that seemed unsurmountable. The event was graced by Minister of State Ms Low Yen Ling, Mr Sam Goi (also known as Singapore’s “Popiah King”), Mr. Jonathan Kok (Vice Chairman of PPS’ Board) as well as Mr. George Goh (Board Member of PPS).

Soprano Ms. Lauren Yeo, the youngest Singaporean to have ever won in the under 16 solo vocal category at the 70th Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, also graced the event and blessed us with her angelic voice. Her hope-stirring renditions of Nella Fantasia and the Prayer expressed our collective desire that night to see children supported to achieve their dreams and be guided as they grow to find their place in our world. At the end of her gripping performance, Ms. Yeo also shared her personal experience of having enjoyed quality preschool education and how that set her up for future successes in her pursuits.

With VIBE Bistro being the location and food and beverage sponsor for the event, we managed to raise $45,000 that evening. We are thankful for every donor who has stepped forward to support our work and Uncle Nghee Huat for dedicating this run to PPS’ Education Support Programme. As Uncle Nghee Huat continues to prepare for the upcoming run, watch out for the updates here on our website and Facebook/Instagram. Meanwhile, if you would like to donate to the Good Start Run, click here or the button below.

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