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Little Olive Tree

About LOT Yishun

Our preschool creates a safe environment for both teachers and children to learn and grow; we hope for it to be a happy haven where children are curious and creative explorers, critical thinkers and problem-solvers.




Infant Care


411 Yishun Ring Road
#01-1807, Singapore 760411





School Fees


Full Day:

$720 (SG) $1,100 (NON-SG)

Half Day
$540 (SG) $900 (NON-SG)

Infant Care

Full Day:

$1,285 (SG) $1,800 (NON-SG)

Half Day:

$920 (SG) $1,500 (NON-SG)

Prices do not include the following and other miscellaneous items like uniforms:

One-Time Registration Fees:

$120 (before GST)

Deposit (Refundable):


*Prices above are payable per month

This centre is under the Partner Operator scheme (POP)

Our People

Agnes Yeo

Like a book, my mind is always buzzing with words. That's because I love to ask questions about anything and everything. I do not take things at face value and I will question something to no end - until I finally understand and make sense of it. I am never not thinking and reflecting and strategising, so much so that people ask me if I ever sleep! Being a thinking leader is important as it ensures that I am able to set a clear vision and guidelines for my team, and tackle challenges swiftly as they arise.

PP YSH Agnes.gif
PP YSH Uhma.gif



"A tray usually starts out empty, and is meant to be filled up with all kinds of delightful things. But that's not all it is. A tray is a vessel, a tray brings joy to all that it serves.

That is a great metaphor for my leadership style - I am always willing to start with a blank slate and take on whatever that is given to me. I serve with my 100% when I can, and even when I am exhausted, I still give my best so that those around me are able to feel loved and seen. Service with significance is what I strive for."

Our Learning Environment

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