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Words of thanks from our parents of LOT Marsiling to their children's beloved teachers

Updated: 6 days ago

We are thankful that we can journey with so many parents and children, even if it is for a limited time. The love and effort put in by our teachers at Marsiling is above and beyond, as seen by the bittersweet notes that parents have written to them. Read on to find out how families have been touched by our dedicated teachers. From Emmanuel’s Daddy & Mummy

Dear Teacher Tiara, Emmanuel has spent one fruitful and happy year at Little Olive Tree thus far. We are grateful that he has met moving and caring teachers like yourself, Teacher Jane, Teacher Reetha, Yu Laoshi (and of course the other teachers in the school too). Thank you for sparking the joy of learning in him, for teaching him good values and for making him look forward to go to school everyday. Your impact really goes a long way. Here’s wishing you and the teachers the best health and many blessings!

From Fiona's Parents Dear Principal and management team, we are parents of Fiona Khoo and we would like to make a complimentary note to Fiona’s teacher Ms Tiara. Fiona joined your good childcare since July 2023, and as this is her first time joining a full day childcare, as a parent, we were not sure if she is able to cope with it. Thanks to her teacher Ms Tiara and her professionalism, she understands our concerns and communicates with us about Fiona’s daily life, behaviour and progress whenever we meet. For example, Teacher Tiara sent us a video about Fiona taking lunch at school – we were so happy and surprised that our child can eat well and enjoy the food. This is a huge improvement from Fiona as we were worried if she was okay to have her meal in school. We know that there is much effort from the teacher behind it.

Ms Tiara built up a good relationship with Fiona; when Fiona is back at home she can tell us how Teacher Tiara is with her in school. We are so happy and impressed that our child can and is willing to express her feelings about her teacher. Fiona can learn and is willing to listen to what Teacher Tiara says, so she gets more discipline and understands what is right and wrong. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her professionalism, love and dedication to our child. This is not enough for us to express our appreciation to her. We wish her all the best in 2024 and thanks to the Principal for creating a safe and great environment for our child to study in. 

From Angel's Parents

Dear Ms Zhuang and Teacher Xingyu, thank you for being passionate and dedicated to teach my children.

I can never thank you enough for your remarkable contribution to my child’s personal and professional growth. I wish you both happiness and success. Goodbye and take care. 


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