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Little Olive Tree

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LOT Bethany | Open House
16 March 2024
9.00am to 12pm

Here's what you can expect!


9am Welcome and Registration

9.30am Guided Centre Tour

10.00am Lesson Experiences

11.00am Exploration of Learning Spaces

About LOT Bethany

LOT Bethany is a partnership between PPS and Bethany Presbyterian Church.

Bethany is just like an umbrella which shelters one from rain, where students and staff always feel God's comforting embrace, and are always protected by a canopy of His love and guidance.




Infant Care


364A Upper Paya Lebar Rd

Singapore 534965


8066 3991



School Fees


Full Day:

$995 (SG)

$1100 (NON-SG)

Half Day
$865 (SG)

$965 (NON-SG)

Infant Care

Full Day:


Prices do not include the following and other miscellaneous items like uniforms:

One-Time Registration Fees:

$120 (before GST)

Deposit (Refundable):


*Prices are the same for Singaporean and Non-Singaporeans

**Prices above are payable per month

Our People

Priscilla Lim

As a leader, it would be great to have a special pocket like Doraemon does. What would I need it for, you may ask? I need to have lots of useful things in my pocket, such as skills and experiences that will come in handy anytime.

In addition, I know the strengths and weaknesses of my team members, so I can provide them with the necessary tools and support when they require it. This way, I can motivate my team to do our best together!

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Our Learning Environment

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