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Celebrating the 2nd Be You-nique Day of the year!

Updated: 6 days ago

Over the past week, our preschools commemorated the 2nd Be You-nique Day of the year, a day which appreciates the uniqueness of every person who is created wonderfully in the image of God, and injects some fun into school life! LOT Fajar

At Fajar, their Be You-nique Day #2 was combined with a Parents’ Day celebration, which filled the school with excitement and joy. The theme this time was “Uniqueness in Nature,” and everyone turned up in bright and colourful botanical patterns.

The teacher began the day by showing a video highlighting the beauty and wonder of the world around us through the simplified life cycle of a flower. The children and parents watched in amazement as a seed grew into a beautiful flowering plant. It showed the importance of patience and care in nurturing life. After the video, the teacher brought out real seeds, plants, and flowers for the children to explore. The teacher then led the children in a catchy song about planting a seed and watching it grow, reinforcing the value of caring for living things. 

It was then time for craft activities! The infants were guided by their parents to create flower hand paintings, using their tiny hands to stamp colourful petals on paper. The toddlers and Pre-Nursery children decorated popsicle stick frames with flowers and leaves, creating beautiful masterpieces to take home.

As the celebration came to a close, the Principal, Ms Ruth, pleasantly surprised each parent with a flower as a token of appreciation for their love and care for their children. The classroom was filled with smiles and laughter as the families enjoyed some fruits together, bonding over their shared experience of learning and creating.

Overall, the Parents’ Day celebration was a huge success, bringing families together to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness in nature. It was a day filled with laughter, creativity, and gratitude, reminding us of the importance of nurturing and caring for the world around us.


LOT Woodlands

At Woodlands, they had a cosy, comfy Pyjamas Day! Children were dressed in their softest and most relaxed wear in school, and sat on their mattresses on the floor. Before they started, Teacher Tina reminded the children that each and everyone of them is unique and special. She said, “Today, we celebrate by coming in our pyjamas as it can also tell something about us, such as, what we like and how we dress and be comfortable at home. Before you go to sleep each night, is there a routine that you will follow? I brush my teeth and wash my face before I go to bed. I place my handphone next to my bed so that I can hear and stop the alarm the next day."

She then asked the children, “How about you? Do your parents read you a story? Do you listen to lullabies and music to fall asleep?” She then switched off the room lights and set up a night light instead, before sharing a few songs that she likes.  “Let’s get cosy and listen together.” They sang along to songs such as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Over the Rainbow and It’s a Small World. Then there was a storytelling session where the images were projected on the wall or ceiling, giving a very cinematic atmosphere for all in the dark. Last but not least, the children had much fun with shadow-play using the projector. Children took turns using their own items brought along for the day, such as a storybook, soft toy, bolster to simply cast their shadow on the wall, and did a bit of show-and-tell.

LOT Yishun

For LOT Yishun, they focused on the theme of exploring the animal kingdom as part of God’s creation. Teachers wanted children to understand how each animal has a special place in creation and how their habitats support their needs. They played games like ‘Move Like an Animal’ where children imitate different animal movements such as slithering like a snake, hopping like a frog and stomping like an elephant, as well as ‘Pin the Tail on the Animal’.

They also read some storybooks about animals, and did some animal crafts such as animal hats, which they were thrilled to wear and parade around! The children also took some time to do some reflection on their personal relationship with animals, expressing what they could do to protect the animals and their habitats through their creative drawings.

Be You-nique day was indeed a reminder that we are all unique, beautiful individuals with our own characteristics, living in a beautiful world where we can use our hearts, strengths and talents to love our family, friends and community we live in!

Check out some photos from the other LOTs too!


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