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Celebrating the children's work at our Creation C.A.R.E Art Showcase launch!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Shrieks of exhilaration and surprise were heard all around as children from various preschools, donned in their colourful uniforms, arrived at One Punggol last Thursday. Our little ones had been looking forward to the launch of the Creation C.A.R.E 2023 Art Showcase, where their precious creations and artworks were on display!

As they inched closer for a better look at the sculptures, dioramas and adorable animals, they started pointing at them and beckoning their friends and teachers to come over as they spotted their own handiwork! Others started discussing with their peers about the creatures that captured their eyes and hearts, expressing their amazement and appreciation of other children’s creativity. They also had a chance to make a monkey headband and play some games on the spot.

The kids were also drawn to the educational booth by Mandai Wildlife Group, which featured information about a variety of animals that can be found in their parks. They even got to meet and pet some live insects! They learnt to be respectful and gentle when interacting with the precious stick insects, being careful not to frighten or hurt them.

As a celebration of the closure of Creation C.A.R.E 2023, as well as the opening of the art showcase, we also had an exciting programme lined up for about 600 children and teachers. We were thrilled to be joined by Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin, who is also Mandai Wildlife Group’s Deputy Chairman. Ms Yeo Wan Ling, Grassroots Adviser to Pasir-Ris Punggol Grassroots Organisations also came by to tour the exhibits and to say hello to the kids. Children started off their morning with a lively action song about God’s creation, before they were treated to both an English and Mandarin storytelling session, where they were introduced to fascinating characters from the rainforest, along with their unexpected stories.

They even got to expend their energy with an invigorating great rainforest workout, busting moves that perhaps a gorilla would have!

To end off the opening ceremony with a bang, Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin received a cheque on behalf of Mandai Wildlife Group, for funds which would support the Zoo’s conservation work for orang utans. Children had worked hard to put up performances and sold handmade items to raise the funds themselves. We all then sang a birthday song for the Singapore Zoo’s 50th birthday and surprised the Mandai Wildlife Group with a birthday cake (made of recycled materials)!

In fact, the theme for this year was 'Orang Utan & its Rainforest Friends’, in conjunction with the Mandai Zoo's 50th anniversary. We were grateful to partner Mandai Wildlife group to raise awareness about the importance of conservation for animals such as the Orang Utan, whose habitats are threatened due to human activity. The Orang Utan has been the Zoo's flagship animal who has always been popular amongst the crowds since their opening!

This year is our second year doing Creation C.A.R.E (Children’s Action to Rescue Earth), which is a community project that endeavours to inspire, encourage and empower children to care for creation and the environment. We are grateful that Creation C.A.R.E 2023 was funded by the Presbyterian Church of Singapore. The children are already looking forward to next year, so keep your eyes peeled! Check out more photos below:


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