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A Place for Every Child: Finding Friends but Not Fitting In

Emilia saw her friends from a distance and ran towards them. Instead of staying with her Nursery class, she kept leaving to join the Kindergarten 1 class. To the unitiated, one would think that Emilia is simply acting up again. Yet, there’s more to her behaviour than what meets the eye.


You see, 2024 was particularly tough for Emilia: her friends have moved onto Kindergarten 1 while she remains in Nursery. Being on the autism spectrum means she needs more time to learn certain skills as compared to similarly-aged peers.  Every new school year comes with its challenges. For the preschooler, it is usually only made better because of friends. Emilia found her friends but she still struggles to fit in.


At Little Olive Tree by Presbyterian Preschool Services, we wrestle with the harsh reality that life is fraught with more obstacle for the children with additional needs. Still, we desire to abide with them even if the journey takes longer.


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