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LOT Woodlands 2024 Open House (2 March 2024)

Updated: Mar 25

On 2 March 2024, Little Olive Tree Woodlands organised their Open House and many parents, both existing and new parents came and joined in the occasion. Demonstrative lessons was organised for parents to have a clearer idea on how the lessons were conducted and also how their child were learning in class.

First it was a curriculum showcase for Do Re Mi, where children learn through song and play with music and singing. It was heart-warming to see kids connect with each other, learning and having fun together, building friendships.

Children also had a chance to experience a State of the Art (SOTA) lesson, where they are exposed to different materials and mediums to express their creativity in art.

While the demo lessons were going on, a mini carnival was also happening downstairs. Parents and children engaged in fun activities and games together! Sounds of laughter filled the air and teachers were also having the time of their lives, seeing such smiles on both the kiddos and parents alike.

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