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Appreciating our beloved Teachers this year!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Almost every morning of the week, parents drop off their kids at our Centres to be cared for by our teachers, and pick them up at the end of the day, just like clockwork. If you have read some of our recent profile articles on our teachers, you would get a sense of the sheer amount of things that a teacher has to do during the 10-12 hours that the children are at school. Their activities in just one day may include all of the following – from organising routine time and nap time, to conducting lessons, planning outings, preparing documentation reports and more. Not to forget the emotional labour teachers gladly take on – caring for the children’s needs, comforting them when they are sad or injured, or being a listening ear when they are excited to share about what they did over the weekends! Thus, our different centres celebrated Teacher’s Day in their own unique ways this year, to thank the teachers for all their love, hard work and sacrifices.

At Tampines Centre, a sweet surprise was planned for the teachers. Children spent some time during class to write cards to their teachers, which they loved so much. Some of them even brought cute massagers to help their teachers destress!

Unbeknownst to them, parents were also given heart-shaped cards to write their notes of thanks and appreciation to their kids’ teachers in advance. These heartfelt words were eventually put together on huge banner outside the centre for all teachers to enjoy! There were tear-jerking moments such as ex-students stopping by to pen down their thoughts, as well as a parent using Google translate to express his sincere gratitude in a teacher’s first language (Mandarin). The hearts of the children, parents and teachers were definitely full that day.

Over at Hougang Centre, the children spent time designing avant-garde outfits made of newspaper for the teachers. First, they brainstormed and drew out their desired designs on the whiteboard. Then, they started to cut up and prepare the different elements of the outfits, including headgear. The teachers watched in anticipation as they did their finishing touches.

Finally, the children dressed their teachers up in their handmade outfits! The teachers of each level put up a wacky fashion show where they walked in front of the whole school to show off their beautiful garb with their model-like poses.

Other teachers decided to celebrate by throwing their own parties! Different teams of teachers from Bukit Batok Centre planned a fun night of food and games for their retro-themed soirée. The whole place was dressed to the nines, and everyone was so enthusiastic about having the time of their life together, strutting around in their outfits inspired by different eras.

At Jurong West Centre, there was a feast set up for teachers to enjoy over conversation with their colleagues, as well as a short time of games to bond and relax together. Everyone chipped in to prepare fruits as well as home-made bakes and desserts that were delicious.

One day of the year is not enough to thank our teachers for all that they do for the children! Thank you for your love, care and dedication to our children! We are inspired by your sincere hearts and effort that you put in daily to create a warm, inviting and fun environment for the kids to learn in. Click the button below to watch our children sharing about why they love their teachers in a series of videos!


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