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LOT Foo Chow Methodist Church 2024 Open House (17 Feb 2024)

Updated: Mar 12

On 17 Feb 2024, Little Olive Tree Foo Chow Methodist Farrer Park hosted their Open House for existing and potential parents. A range of exciting activities were organised to showcase to parents what the kids do every day in school and also to help parents understand more about the curriculum.

Below are some of the examples of lesson experiences for the children, including water-play, sand-play, Stories from the Bible and Key To Learning Construction. In total, there were 7 different rooms with various activities and demo lessons ongoing for parents to pop in and out to experience the most of what our curriculum offers.

It was also nice to see some familiar faces of our ex-students who dropped by the open house. Boy were they excited to see that the classroom they once studied and played in undergo a fresh look after renovation.

Some principals from other LOT centres also came by to show their support by helping out and exchanging pointers with the teachers in FMC. It was such a heartwarming sight to be able to see staff come together to make great memories.

There was also Parent & Child Tang Yuan-Making session for the kids to get a hands-on experience on how to make Tang Yuan from scratch! It was fun and heartwarming to see parents teaching their kids and bonding over cooking. It was great that after putting their heart into making the Tang Yuans, they were able to reap the benefits of their hard work by tasting them!

A parent shared with May, the centre principal : "My child does not want to go home! I wish that I am a child again and can come to school."

"My child does not want to go home! I wish that I am a child again and can come to school" - FMC parent

For tea time, the school also engaged a roti prata uncle to make piping hot roti prata for the kids and parents. Yummy!

Looking to visit our schools for Open House? Feel free to sign up at

If the school that you are interested in has already had their Open House, no worries, you can contact us at to find out more!


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