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Easter 2023: God gives us new life!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

For Easter this year, we were once again reminded about what God had done for us on the cross, and how God’s love gives us new life.

 Our children were brought on a journey of the four days leading up to Resurrection Sunday, or a day commonly known as Easter. During the last supper - Jesus’ final meal with his disciples before his crucifixion - he showed true servant leadership by washing His disciples feet. He hoped that they would have the same humbled heart and attitude when they served God’s people. 

After the supper, Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and speak to God, crying out to him about the suffering and internal conflict he was going through, knowing that he would die on the cross the next day. Yet, he submitted to God’s will to rescue all the sinners in the world through his death. 

Then came Good Friday, the sad sad day when Jesus died on the cross. But Good Friday was Good because in his death, he paid for all the sins of the world and in so doing, gave us life. That day, all of Jesus’ friends and family grieved him greatly, but little did they know that they would see him again very soon. 

A miracle happened 3 days later. The tomb where Jesus’ body laid was found to be empty by his friends. What did this mean? One thought that his body was stolen, while others realised immediately that Jesus was alive. Jesus had conquered death and it was a cause for great celebration and thanksgiving!

Our children commemorated Easter through a simple planting activity. They fashioned a planter pot out of recycled toilet rolls/bottles/cups, planted some seeds in soil and watered it. Then, they waited patiently.

For the first few days, nothing happened, just like how Jesus' tomb was silent for 3 days. Soon enough, the seed sprouted and out came a new seedling! The new plant reminded them of the new life Jesus had given to one and all when he died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead on on Easter Sunday. 

 May we always remember the new life that we now have not just during Easter, but every single day of the year! Take a look at how the plants are doing about a week after they were planted:


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