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Little Olive Tree

LOT Woodlands is a partnership between PPS and Woodlands Evangelical Free Church along with Truth Baptist Church.

We hope to serve the community by providing an enjoyable childhood experience that is abundant with joy, growth and meaning for our children.

At a glance


1 Woodlands Street 83
Singapore 738488

Contact Details

Childcare + Infant Care


CC Full day: $1,200 (SG + NON-SG)
CC Half day: $750 (SG + NON-SG)

IFC Full Day: $1,800 (SG + NON-SG)
IFC Half Day: $1,200 (SG + NON-SG)

Registration Fees before GST: $120
Deposit (Refundable): $1,200

Our People

Rachel Lee

As a Centre Leader, I wish to be more like an owl, who is quiet but alert at all times, and has a 270 degree view of its surroundings. I usually observe the classes silently to make sure everything is in order, and move on as I trust my teachers with their professional abilities.

Working with children, things move very quickly and circumstances may change very suddenly - thus I pray that God will bless me with a broader view of things to do more and see more in a timely manner.


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