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Little Olive Tree

Here at Marsiling, our children are encouraged to take risks, be adventurous, and lead their own learning journey.

At a glance


23 Marsiling Drive,
#01-159 Singapore 730023

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Childcare + Infant Care


CC Full day: $720 (SG) $1,100 (NON-SG)
CC Half day: $540 (SG) 900 (NON-SG)

IFC Full Day: $1,285 (SG) $1,800 (NON-SG)
IFC Half Day: $920 (SG) $1,500 (NON-SG)

Registration Fees before GST: $120
Deposit (Refundable): $1,200

This centre is under the Partner Operator scheme

Our People

Joanne Goh-David

During the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends , everyone always comes together to contribute what they have to make things work. Similarly, my team members have varying strengths and just as Pooh is always the one rallying everyone to help, as a leader I have to be the encourager.

Like Pooh, I always feel that I lack the adequate knowledge in many situations - I am but just a little 'bear' in this big wide world! I always depend on God for wisdom in all things and wait for His direction when I am unable to find solutions.


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