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FMC Farrer Park

Little Olive Tree

About FMC FP

LOT FMC FP is a partnership between PPS and Foochow Methodist Church

In all that we do here, we seek to glorify God and are committed to giving the best care and education to the children. We envision every child as a joyful learner and leader who is a blessing to society.





90 Race Course Road

Singapore 218577


9122 0649



Childcare Fees

Full Day:

Half Day


Prices do not include the following and other miscellaneous items like uniforms:

One-Time Registration Fees: $120

Deposit (Refundable):


*Prices are the same for Singaporean and Non-Singaporeans

*Prices above are payable per month

Our People

May Ten

A bottle of real honey encapsulates my values and approach as a leader as honey represents God’s gifts and grace in the Bible.

Honey that is counterfeit or impure does not offer the healing benefits of real, authentic honey. God’s word reminds me that kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Thus, I pray that I will continue to persevere and stay positive through difficulties so that I can be a healing balm for my team, uplifting and supporting them in times of need.


Our Learning Environment

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