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Teacher's Commencement Day 2024: God is doing a New Thing!

Updated: Apr 25

Since our incorporation, Presbyterian Preschool Services has always spent the first Saturday of the year dedicating the work ahead with our Presbyterian community. In the past, these dedication services were held alongside Presbyterian Community Services. Together with our co-labourers in the field, we desire to start the year right by hearing from God's Word in order to fuel our motivation for why we do what we do. This year, our Dedication Service took an interesting development. With the planting of the Little Olive Tree Preschools and the rebranding of all Presbyterian Preschools this year, we boldly stepped out of the comfort of our Presbyterian roots.


Last Saturday, we joined hands with New Life Preschool Services (NLPS was newly incorporated in 2023 to run the childcare centres operated by New Life Community Services), to hold a combined Commencement Service. It is our collective desire to see greater unity amongst the Christian Preschool Ministry in Singapore, where resources, expertise and the love for one another is made all the more evident in spite of our various heritage and denominations. Together as partners in the Christian Preschool Ministry, we thanked God for 2023 and started the new year together. We had Mr Steve Kon, Executive Director at New Life Community Services share about how collaborating and sharing resources within the ministry makes things more effective and efficient in helping faith-based preschools. He thanked the teachers for their faithful service and dedication in this labour of love and service towards the children, which is evident in the transformation of their lives.

He recounted a testimony of how parents of a girl diagnosed with Global Development Delay were so grateful for the team at NLPS for changing their daughter’s life with their love and encouragement. From crying and being hesitant to go to school, she is now a confident and communicative child who sometimes forgets to say goodbye to her parents in her excitement to go to class! In her parents words, the teachers have really helped to bring “new life” to their family. Mr Lim Ee Tuo, Executive Director of Presbyterian Preschool Services then presented a very real perspective of how collaboration usually works in the secular world: the parties involved usually have the objective of establishing a win-win partnership with mutual benefits. However, as Christian organisations, he urged us to think deeper than that. "The Bible reminds us that when we come together, the priority is always to love each other first before anything else. We must have the willingness to give all that we have to those around us, sometimes at the expense of our own well-being. Indeed, teachers are no strangers to the act of pouring so much of themselves into the children’s lives," shared Mr Lim.

"The Bible reminds us that when we come together, the priority is always to love each other first before anything else. We must have the willingness to give all that we have to those around us, sometimes at the expense of our own well-being. Indeed, teachers are no strangers to the act of pouring so much of themselves into the children’s lives."

In John 10, the relationship between Jesus and his people is paralleled by the metaphor of the shepherd and the sheep. Apart from Jesus being a protector and leader, he also laid down his life for us on the cross to save us. As we consider our peers and the families we serve, we must not only see them as people we work with. Conversely, we should grow to see each other as individuals whom Jesus has unconditional love for – this should motivate and inspire us to love more, and love deeply. During worship, we sang about God’s mighty works and strength, and were reminded of God’s unending goodness and grace. We then had Reverend Doctor Chua Chung Kai, Associate Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church to share the message of the day based on Isaiah 43:19. We were thankful that despite being unwell and unable to come on site, he was still committed to bring God’s Word to us.

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

Rev Dr. Chua posed everyone there a challenge: This year, will you pay attention and trust God?

He acknowledged that as preschool teachers, it is a gargantuan task just to capture the attention of children who are full of energy and easily distracted. Even as adults, we are bombarded with the work and responsibilities that come at us daily. Just as we greet our loved ones in the morning, he encouraged us to simply begin the day talking to God and reading his Word. This way, we can be more sensitive and aware to the new things that God is doing in our lives. During dry seasons, He makes a way for us in the wilderness when we cry out to Him.

Rev Dr. Chua talked about how his vision was so clear the moment he switched out his old glasses for new ones. He saw how scratched up his old lenses were, which represented how clouded his perception of life was sometimes when he did not see things the way God does. As we embark on the new year, may we always be aligned to God’s perspective and will.

The service ended off with our teachers and staff pledging and committing ourselves to the work of loving and nurturing the children and giving our best in the upcoming year, especially as our preschools begin the new year as Little Olive Tree.

Our staff turned up in LOT green colours, embracing the new identity and new things that God has in store for us in 2024

It was also timely to acknowledge the good work done by our colleagues in Presbyterian Preschool Services who received their Long Service Awards. Cheers of joy and congratulations filled the air as we clapped and commended those who have put in their heart and soul for the children and the organisation. A special mention to Ms. N. Kannigadevi, who has dedicated over 30 years of her life to working with children with developmental needs and championing inclusivity in our industry and society. Kudos to her!

We thank God for each and every one of our staff and their faithfulness. We believe that God is doing a New Thing in us and through us this year.

Please refer below for the list of Long Service Awardees as of 31 Dec 2023.

Staff Name

Long Service Award Tier






























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