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A blessed Christmas gathering at our Balestier HQ office

On Tuesday, most of us kicked off our yearly Christmas celebrations with our PPS HQ Christmas potluck at the Balestier Office!

With our move to the new Balestier Office in February this year, it was a blessing to come together in a space that many of us would call a second home. This year was the first time that all our HQ staff were housed in the same office, including our English and Chinese Curriculum teams, Care & Support team, Centre Development team, Centre Management team, Finance team, HR team, and Outreach team. 

For the party, each of our teams was in charge of bringing one special dish to share at the feast! Some ordered their favourite foods such as dumplings, pizza and pork ribs.

Others prepared dishes from scratch such as curry vegetables, oxtail stew, a cheese board and fresh salad with delicious homemade dip. Unfortunately, a few of our colleagues were unable to attend as they were ill, but they still contributed in spirit by chipping in for the food or even ordering drinks or desserts in for us to enjoy. Everyone had a blast filling their tummies and soaking in the festivities over conversations and humming along to familiar carols!

We were also blessed with delicious gammon bone-in ham and delightful presents from a sister in Christ who wanted to thank and encourage the PPS team for serving the Lord and being partners in redeeming the Christian Preschool space in the industry.

It was indeed a wonderful time of catching up with friends and thanking God for a wonderful year together! 


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