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Little Olive Tree Preschools

Little Olive Tree Preschool, by Presbyterian Preschool Services, is a preschool that tells the story of God’s truth, beauty and goodness. We hope that every child that comes through our doors will be like olive trees flourishing in the house of God, trusting always in His unfailing love.


Through our Truth, Beauty and Goodness Curriculum, we hope to instil in children values such as grit, grace, grease, gratitude and generativeness. We believe that these values will serve them the rest of their lives.


Our role is to be worthy partners to teach and love the children as our own. Doing anything lesser is a disservice to our children who are precious in the eyes of God.

Fruit and Leaves


Truth, Beauty and Goodness Curriculum

What makes our curriculum and programme unique? What do we care about?

Our Story

The "Why" behind Little Olive Tree Preschools

Our Schools

4 New Locations in 2023

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