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"A Place for Every Child" is a fundraising campaign we designed as we are seeking funding support in our endeavor to provide Educational Support Programme for children who need it.


However, this phrase is more than just a catchy slogan. It expresses our lofty desire to provide a place for any and every child who is in need. Our hearts ache whenever families come to us and express their disappointment and dejection, having been turned away from mutiple schools.


We hope to set aside 10% of our enrolment for children with mild to moderate developmental needs so that more children with additional needs can grow and glow alongside their peers. In 2024, we hope to provide spaces for 120 children.


Educational Support Programme

Our Educational Support Programme exists for one reason: for every child who comes through our doors to grow and glow.


Despite the "Programme" in the term, ESP is more than that. Instead, it is a journey and a commitment to walk with the children with additional needs alongside their families while they are with us in our schools.


When it comes to the realm of early intervention, there are strategies, methods and training. But at the heart of it all, there are no magic formulas, no quick fixes and no guaranteed successes. Sometimes, life is just what it is and we desire to walk with families in need as long as we have the opportunity and ability to.

The Unremarkable Stories

Hope Across the Causeway

Blooming Wallflower

Sitting in the Mud through the Unremarkable days

Trouble Worth Troubling For

I Chose You

Finding Friends but
not Fitting In

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P1P - Blooming Wallflower.png
P1P - Trouble Worth Troubling For.png
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