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Holland Village

Little Olive Tree

At Holland Village, we encourage our children to be a community of peers who help each other learn in a safe and trustworthy environment.

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11 Holland Drive #01-20, Singapore 271011

Contact Details

Childcare + Infant Care


CC Full day: $720 (SG) $1,100 (NON-SG)
CC Half day: $540 (SG) 900 (NON-SG)

IFC Full Day: $1,285 (SG) $1,800 (NON-SG)
IFC Half Day: $920 (SG) $1,500 (NON-SG)

Registration Fees before GST: $120
Deposit (Refundable): $1,200

This centre is under the Partner Operator scheme

Our People

Lim Lian Choon

I believe that as a Centre Leader I must start by listening well and connecting to my team. This pair of headphones reminds me to converse to understand each of my staff so that I can bring out the best in them.

Only when we are personally invested in them as people, learning about them and caring for them, will we be able to function as a team. That is when the team will be able to get moving.


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