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Bukit Batok

Little Olive Tree

We hope to be a second home to the children where their voices are always heard, their views respected and their differences embraced. This enables them to thrive, grow, and flourish under our care.

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116 Bukit Batok West Ave 6
#01-232, Singapore 650116

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CC Full day: $720 (SG) $1,100 (NON-SG)
CC Half day: $540 (SG) 900 (NON-SG)

Registration Fees before GST: $120
Deposit (Refundable): $1,200

This centre is under the Partner Operator scheme

Our People

Ramona Chan

These toy rings are used in a strategy game, so they remind me to be a thinking and strategising leader. This way, I can guide my teachers to actualise our educational mission of building a strong foundation in truth, beauty and goodness for each of our children.

Working in a dynamic environment also means that when challenges arise, we may need to adapt our strategies on the spot. I hope that I can give my team confidence that I am leading with clarity and purpose, and that they perceive me as someone who solves problems together with them deep in the trenches.


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